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Package sales

These are the available packages. Take advantage of the cumulative discount buying a package.
Mixed Package
Configure your Mixed Package according to your tastes and preferences with a 10% discount. You can include, with a minimum of 4, all the shows you want from the Lyric, Cita en Maestranza and Dance cycles. In this package it is not allowed to choose more than 2 opera titles.
To choose from all groups — at least 4
Óperas — up to 2

Otros eventos — at least 2
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Weekend Opera subscription

For those who are unable to come to the theatre on weekdays because of work obligations or geographical distance. Choose this weekend subscription at a 5% discount. 

Included events
Roberto Devereux
Saturday, 12/11/2022 20:00
Las bodas de Fígaro
Saturday, 17/12/2022 20:00

Saturday, 18/02/2023 20:00
Saturday, 17/06/2023 20:00
Family Package

5 shows in different spaces for the whole family to enjoy. With 10% discount.

Included events
Crecer Cantando Sinfónico
Sunday, 2/10/2022 19:00
El vestíbulo multisónico


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Flamenco Package
The Teatro de la Maestranza has designed a series of packages of tickets at a 10% discount.

Included events
Cía David Coria y Cía David Lagos
Saturday, 25/02/2023 20:00
Friday, 17/03/2023 20:00

Compañía Antonio Gades
Friday, 24/03/2023 20:00
Mariola Cantarero y Marina Heredia
Thursday, 15/06/2023 20:00
Maestranza initiation package
The Teatro de la Maestranza has designed a series of packages of tickets at a 10% discount. 

Included events
Béjart Ballet Lausanne
Saturday, 15/10/2022 20:00
Compagnie Käfig
Monday, 23/01/2023 20:00

Orquesta joven de Andalucía
Monday, 10/04/2023 20:00
Tuesday, 13/06/2023 20:00
Teatro de la Maestranza
Paseo de Cristóbal Colon, 22 41001 Sevilla
Telephone: 954223344

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